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Ingredients to Add in your Skincare Routine

Ingredients to Add in your Skincare Routine

Actives or active ingredients address specific skin concern such as acne, pigmentation, dryness etc. which is an indicator of their effectiveness.

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Why Actives?

Actives are infused with repairing properties and hence known as
skincare all rounders .E.g. : Using a night cream infused with
retinol to crack premature ageing.

Pick your potion:

The right active for you is the one that addresses your specific
skincare concern and suits your skin.
E.g. :

1)Dry skin and dullness treated by Vitamin C & Hyaluronic
2)Sensitivity and oily skin treated by Niacinamide(Vitamin B) and
Hyaluronic acid.

Active infused products:

• Serums contain actives in their purest form hence are
effective for anti dilution.
• Face washes and toners contain Salicylic acid which is an
anti-acne active and mild on skin.

Step 1

Method of Application:

• Even a little amount of active can last for a long period of time.
• Application should be even and sensitive areas around eyes and lips must be avoided.
• After the skin has absorbed the nourishment conclude with the application of sunscreen/moisturizer.

Step 2

Combination Hacks:

2 to 3 actives at once is enough and it is important to ensure that the chosen ones don’t perform similar functions .
• For example, Retinol and glycolic acid both cause dead skin cells to shed and can be too harsh if used together. Hence, using Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night is a better option.

Step 3

Combination Hacks:

Certain actives aren’t very famous but as effective and gentle on skin as the more famous or mainstream actives.
• Some examples of these hidden gem actives are:
➢ Azelaic Acid – for fading pigmentation
➢ Adenosine – for plumping skin
➢ Vitamin K – for under eye circles
➢ Coenzyme Q10 - for anti-ageing

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